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Did you know that you can contribute your State of Arizona taxes to our school? 

The State of Arizona allows taxpayers to contribute a portion of their tax dollars owed to Cherokee Elementary School. By participating in Cherokee’s tax credit program, as a Community, WE DECIDE, how much additional funds our local elementary school receives to further the enrichment and learning experience for our students.

By participating in tax credit, you can contribute $200 (filing individually) or $400 (filing jointly) of what would otherwise be your State of Arizona income taxes due, to Cherokee. The only thing you need to do is “pre-pay” your taxes directly to Cherokee by April 15, 2019 and then, upon filing your State of Arizona income tax return, you may receive a $1 for $1 credit or 100% return of the amount provided to Cherokee in the form of an increased refund or decreased payment.

Tax credit funds are designated to specific categories or the general fund and the site council (made up of parents, teachers and our Principal and staff) vote based on the guidelines to fund programs.

Here are a few of the programs Cherokee’s tax credit dollars are being used for:

* Educational Field Trips (Phoenix Zoo, San Diego, AZ Science Center and so many more grade level educational field trips)

* Red Rocket Reader

* Lunch time supervisors/noon aides

* Video News
* Running Club
* Typing Club

* Fine Arts and Gifted Programs

* Guest Speakers/assemblies and so much more

If you still have questions about Cherokee’s tax credit program, please ask your tax professional about the benefits of the Arizona Public Schools Tax Credit and how 100% of the amount that you provide to Cherokee’s Tax Credit program will be returned to you via an increased refund or decreased payment due to the State upon filing your income tax return.

Together, as a Community, WE DECIDE how much of our tax dollars go to support the future leaders of our Community – the students at Cherokee! We appreciate your participation in Cherokee’s Tax Credit program!

Please click on link below to donate direct:

Tax Credit Form

Or online at

Please contact Victoria Bellomo-Rosacci @ or 602-909-5989 with any questions or to learn how to participate.  

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