Major Fundraisers

The APT hosts three major fundraising events each school year.


APT Membership Drive 

“Our Kids”

Cherokee Elementary continues to thrive, as an A+ school, due to incredible teachers, staff, parents and of course our students. The Cherokee APT is thrilled to be able to count on your support to ensure we continue to have the funding necessary to have aides in each Kinder-2nd grade classroom, to provide support for Reading and Math Specialists and to provide for technology upgrades.


Join us in continuing the level of excellence at Cherokee by participating in the Cherokee APT (Association of Parents and Teachers) Membership drive.

Fitness Challenge 
The only child led fundraiser of the year, the Fitness Challenge, will kick off with a fun pep rally on January 18th, celebrate with a dance party on January 25th, and concludes with a day of fun and fitness on February 8th, 2019.  Our fundraising winners will be announced on February 15th. This event is beloved by the students each year as they work to raise money to support their school but also, have a wonderful time doing it!

Bids & Bubbles

Finally, we will end the year with an adult night out for our annual Casino Night. Taking place on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 this event includes dinner, dancing, a little gambling and a silent auction.

To volunteer to help with any of these fundraisers please fill out form below and we will be in contact.



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