Major Fundraisers

There will be three major APT fundraisers for the 2017-2018 school year. Our fundraisers are as follows:

APT Membership Drive – August 2 thru September 8, 2017

Support Cherokee and Join the Cherokee APT
Join at whatever level is comfortable for your family or business

●Inclusion in our school online directory
●Access to the directory, along with mobile phone APP
●Email notification of school news, reminders, and APT event updates

Stay involved, informed and in-touch – for your kids

Fitness Challenge – Kick-off – January 19, 2018 Fitness Challenge – February 9, 2018
This will be a daytime event, conducted at school with the children. The Fitness Challenge Kick-off will be followed by an all-school, dance party, to be held January 27, 2017, after school hours.

Bids & Bubbles – April 14, 2018
Join us for a night, casino style, at The Valley Ho for our biggest fundraiser of the year. Dinner, music and a little gambling. Event will include silent auction and raffle so get ready to make a deal!

To volunteer to help with any of these fundraisers please fill out form below and we will be in contact.

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