Art Masterpiece

We are thrilled that you are interested in the Art Masterpiece Program. Below is some basic information about the “AM” program and how you can volunteer.
What is Art Masterpiece?
Art Masterpiece is a national enrichment program where volunteers use reproductions of fine works of art to promote art literacy in children. Art is an integral part of life and the Art Masterpiece Program is a chance to stimulate the students’ thought, perception and imagination. In the end, students attain a greater awareness of the world around them. Volunteers bring prints (from our portfolios in the APT room or their own) to the classroom and present a lesson and “hands on” art activity planned for a particular grade level.
What artists/concepts are taught in which grade? What does that mean? What are good examples of these artists and concepts?
Resources on observing Artwork and teaching a class
Examples of Past Projects
  K- Kandinsky
  1st grade- Vincent Van Gogh
  2nd grade- Asian Art
  3rd grade-Sculpture- Nevelson
  4th grade- Jasper Johns
  5th grade – Soleri
  5th grade – guerilla art
  5th grade – Agam
Sign me up! What is next?
Contact your teacher and ask to be a classroom “art masterpiece” volunteer. Any adult can participate, and you don’t have to be creative—just organized and willing!
Art Walk  
Art Walk is an art show that highlights student’s Art Masterpieces. Volunteers should label and hold onto the student’s work so that at least 2 projects can be displayed at “Art Walk”

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