5th Grade Colonial Day

Attention 5th Grade Families

Colonial Day is a fun annual tradition for Cherokee 5th Graders and their parents/guardians.  It’s a day when the 5th grade students and their families get to dress and participate in Colonial Activities.  There are over 12 centers that our “Cherokee Colonists” rotate through experiencing what activities American Colonists would have been doing such as Tin Punching, Butter Making, Calligraphy, Paper Making, Candle Making, Cooking Hoe Cakes, Making Soap, Corn Husk Dolls etc.

This is a special all-day event celebrating colonial life in America.  It is a significant part of 5th Grade at Cherokee, and it only happens because of the help of our parents/guardians!  All 5th grade parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in this event on Friday, November 15th.

In addition to needing help with the Centers and Group Leaders we are also looking for a Photographer and Coordinator for the Volunteer Lunch.  If you are unable to help all-day but still want to participate we also have “Floater Positions” available.


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