Room Parents

Guide & Forms

On behalf of our APT, students, teachers, and staff, THANK YOU for volunteering your time and energy to be a Cherokee APT Room Parent.  Your contribution is invaluable to making Cherokee a great school! 

Each teacher and class has unique needs.  You get the satisfaction of supporting the teacher to meet the needs of your child and his/her peers while providing a valuable link to the school and APT as a whole.

This online guide is designed to get you acquainted with our APT Room Parent program.  It will describe your responsibilities, provide form documents and hopefully make your job easier. 

Some key success factors for a Room Parent:

  • Understand the teacher’s needs and expectations
  • Communicate clearly and frequently with parents
  • Solicit volunteers to help support the teacher, the class and you
  • Maintain good accounting of funds throughout the year

We have linked (see above) the forms to help you with the communication between you, your teacher and the parents in your class. The APT uses Fresh Schools for all signups and communication.  It is not a requirement for you to use this platform, but we highly recommend this as is it is user friendly, recognized by the parents as a school communication and maintains continuity throughout the school.

Please email our Room Parent Director Amy Shafer at with any questions. We are here to help support your efforts.  Please reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a great year!