Room Parent Responsibilities


Understand the teacher’s needs and expectations

  • Meet with the teacher frequently to understand plans and help needed.
  • Communicate with the teacher on a regular basis.
  • Be informed about upcoming school events to help the teacher plan.

Communicate clearly and frequently with parents

  • Forward emails to the classroom promptly from the
  • Create update emails to inform parents of the upcoming events for your classroom specifically (plays, field trips, testing, and celebrations).

Solicit volunteers to help support the teacher, the class and you

  • Understand the big projects for the year and create teams to accomplish them. You can’t do it all yourself!
  • Learn how to create a sign up list using the communications/directory platform.
  • Be persistent when help is needed! I repeat, you can’t do it all yourself!

Maintain good accounting for funds throughout the year

  • Track all the income and expenses for the classroom.
  • Keep the teacher informed of income and expenses so he/she can communicate to the parents.
  • Send the income/expense form to the Room Parent Coordinator twice a year when due.
  • Don’t pay for your classroom activities out of your pocket. Teachers create the Classroom Support Fund document to figure out what is needed from the whole class to make the year successful.  Help your teacher get an accurate number.

Some classrooms may find it easier to divide up the Room Parent responsibilities to ensure everything is covered.  If so, please designate ONE LEAD Room Parent.

Get creative to make it work for your classroom –

  • have one person take care of the accounting and reports
  • have one person be the communicator and handle emails
  • have one person be the party planner
  • divide up the projects for the year with a different leader for each project