Parking & Car Line


Starts at 8:10 for the ECC Families and 8:20 for the K-5 Families.

We ask that you do not come early as it creates problems, and the staff will not be on duty yet.

ECC Families will enter the facility and continue straight/east bound and turn right/South into the parking lot right after passing the solar shade structures. Proceed to the designated parking areas and then walk your children to the ECC entrance.

Refer to the map above and pay attention to the purple arrows and text.

ECC Families should never need to be in the queue lane.

K-5 Families will enter the facility and immediately turn right/South and follow the green path to the drop-off area.

There are 2 lanes that you may use until you come to the first crosswalk. This will help to take cars off 56th Street. After the first crosswalk you will merge into one lane. Pull forward as much as possible and drop your child(ren) off after you reach the

No drop-offs before crosswalk and you may use the left lane to pass vehicles in front of you to keep the line moving.


Pick-up is a bigger challenge since everyone arrives at once which may cause the lanes to fill quickly. For this reason, we respectfully ask that K-5 Families give ECC Families the gift of time by not showing up early! All cars must enter the property from the South which allows everyone to make right turns and not have conflicts with those wanting to turn left into the lot. If you show up before your dismissal time, you will not be allowed to queue your vehicle and will need to park and wait until your time to jump into the queue. K-5 Families begin the queue at 3:05. A barrier will be present as a visual reminder.

ECC Families – Pick-up will be identical to drop off for you and we ask that you show up on time so that you do not get stuck behind traffic on 56th Street. ECC Families are to come at 2:55 or earlier. ECC children are officially dismissed at 3:00.

K-5 DISMISSAL – Arrive at 3:05 or later. Enter the facility and follow the green path. Double queue until you come to the first crosswalk. If you are early – proceed to the parking lot and jump into the queue at the appropriate time of 3:05.

Pull forward and pick up your child(ren) after second crosswalk. Pass on the left to keep the line moving once you have collected your student(s).

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