Lunch Menu, Schedule & Fund Account

Return to Learn Meal Distribution

As we “Return to Learn” on August 10th,  meals will again be served curbside at 5 district sites, with a few modifications from the previous curbside model.  Meals will again be served using a drive-thru model, allowing for parent pick up.  However, our required transition back to the National School Lunch Program will result in the following process impacts:

The transition from the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), which is required once the official school year begins on August 10th, will still allow for parent curbside pickup, with both breakfast and lunch distributed at the same time.

Daily curbside meal pickups will be available beginning August 10th at the following SUSD locations:

  • Oak Campus (7501 E. Oak St., Scottsdale)
  • Pima Traditional School (8330 E. Osborn Rd., Scottsdale)
  • Redfield Elementary School (9181 E. Redfield Rd., Scottsdale)
  • Tavan Elementary School (4610 E. Osborn Rd., Phoenix)
  • Yavapai/Hohokam Elementary School (701 N. Miller Rd., Scottsdale)

Daily curbside service will be from 7:00 AM – 9:30 AM, Monday through Friday.

  • Meals will be provided to SUSD-enrolled students only and we will be required to obtain the students’ names and ID numbers.
  • Students or parents may pick up meals at any of the 5 listed sites and do not need to be enrolled in that particular school, but must be enrolled in a physical SUSD school during distance learning.
  • Meals to students approved for free or reduced meals will be FREE.
  • Meals for students in a paid meal status (not approved for f/r meals) will be at the REGULAR MEAL PRICE

Meal prices are as follows:

  • Breakfast will be distributed at no charge to students in the Free and Reduced program.
  • Paid students will have their accounts charged $1.50 per breakfast.
  • Lunch will be distributed at no charge to students in the Free and Reduced program.
  • Paid students will have their accounts charged $2.85 per lunch.

Please note that we may be converting to a weekly pick up of 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches on week three, after we have established participation levels and once we have verified all products will  be available in the supply chain.

Free & Reduced Meals

Free & Reduced Meal Applications

Applications for free and reduced meals must be submitted annually, even if approved the previous year. We encourage all families to apply for free and reduced meal benefits as many families have experienced a change in their income due to COVID-19. 

To apply, submit your Free and Reduced meal applications online. Once there, click “Apply for Meals Today” or “Solicitar Comidas Hoy” located on the right side of the page.

Optionally, you may print out and deliver the following completed applications to your children’s school:

Menus & Nutritional Information

Nutrislice provides a comprehensive menu of food choices and nutritional information in an easy-to-navigate website and smartphone  app.

With a click of the mouse (or a tap of your finger), Nutrislice displays the nutrition information, known allergens, ingredients, serving size and carbohydrate counts. It’s quick and easy!



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