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Cherokee Elementary continues to thrive, as an A+ school, due to incredible teachers, staff, parents and of course our students. The Cherokee APT is thrilled to be able to count on your support to ensure we continue to have the funding necessary to have aides in each Kinder-2nd grade classroom, aides for 3rd-5th grade and for Specials, to provide support for Reading and Math Specialists and to provide for technology upgrades.

Join us in continuing the level of excellence at Cherokee by participating in the Cherokee APT (Association of Parents and Teachers) Membership drive.

The membership drive encourages families to give back to Cherokee at a level that is comfortable for each family. Donations to the Cherokee APT are tax-deductible and all the money goes directly to enhance Cherokee Elementary School.

The 2020 Membership Drive kicks off on October 12th!

Click Here to Support Cherokee APT today!

Giving Levels 2020-21


The Scottsdale Unified School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material.  The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service.


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