Grade Updates – March 2020


Kindergarten will continue to focus on our theme on American Heroes. Students were sent home with My American Hero Report last week. Each child will pick an hero and research facts and complete sentences about their chosen hero. They will assemble the body parts and decorate their person. Presentation of their reports will take place next week.

In Science, we will be covering animals. Students will observe goldfish, guppies, snails, worms, and lastly chicks! Let’s hope we get a good hatch this year!

Our last Kindergarten Roundup is coming up March 5th at 5:00pm. If you know of any families with upcoming kindergarteners, spread the word about our amazing school. We will have an informative presentation that evening about our school and the many wonderful programs we have to offer. Families will get the opportunity to meet the kinder team and discuss the curriculum.

2nd Grade:

We are continuing our study of Tales Around the World specifically focusing on fairy tales. We are looking at fairy tale versions from different cultures. We have integrated geography into this unit of study. Students should be able to identify and spell the 7 continents and 4 oceans on a world map. In science, we will be starting Pebbles, Sand and Silt which is our earth science unit. In CKLA, we are completing Sir Gus and will begin our last unit about The War of 1812. We will be teaching reading and nontext strategies that are important for nonfiction understanding as we get ready for 3rd grade.

Mrs. Brasen’s 2nd grade concert is Friday, March 23rd at 9:15 and our 2nd Grade Musical (coordinated by the 2nd grade teachers) will be Friday, May 15th around 2:00 P.M. We also have a field trip to MIM planned for April after studying cultures around the world.

4th Grade:

4th grade is gearing up for the Science AIMS test, which will occur in late March. In the science classes, students have been working on hands-on activities to learn about circuits and the properties of magnetism.

The math classes have been learning about measurement equivalence and will be working on perimeter and area before moving on to geometry. We have some fun surprises planned for the students during these units!

In social studies, the 4th graders are about to begin their unit on European colonization in North America.

The reading classes are reading “The Tale of Desperaux” and learning about various elements of literature.

5th Grade:

In math, students are continuing to learn how to do all operations with both fractions and mixed numbers.  We are also moving into converting measurements (both the customary and metric systems).

In language arts, we will begin focusing on verbs in March. Students will need to form and use the perfect verb tenses. Also, they will use verb tenses to convey various times, sequences, states, and conditions. Students should be able to recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in verb tenses.

In reading, fifth graders are currently reading Bud, Not BuddyHatchetEsperanza Rising, and George Washington Socks. Our main focus in reading is to analyze multiple accounts of the same topic.

In social studies we will be learning about the U.S. Constitution: The Constitution Convention, Three Branches of Government, and Bill of Rights. We will learn through the DBQ Project, a document-based question, which engages all students in high-level critical thinking activities.

In science, we are studying Environments, range of tolerance and plant adaptations.  We will experiment with four different types of seeds in various amounts of water and salt water to see what the optimum conditions are for maximum growth.

In writing, we are finishing our state reports and reviewing narrative stories again.


Important Dates:

March 4th – Field Trip to Cocopah Middle School

March 6th – Field Trip to Desert Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant

March 18th-20th – Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 30th-April 22nd – AZ Merit Testing

Student Government Meeting – March 6th, 8:00 A.M.

In language arts, they are researching medieval castles and writing a research essay about them.