Cherokee Marquee

$50 = Display Marquee Message for 1 week

Message MUST be requested by Wednesday of the PREVIOUS week to be included!

Directions on Making a Message Request:

  1. Submit your payment via the PayPal link below. (All orders MUST be paid before they will be processed.)
  2. Use the form below to submit your message. The message must follow the requirements.

***Please note – all requests must be ordered by noon the Wednesday of the week PRIOR to being shown on the marquee.

Cherokee Marquee


In the space provided, include the MESSAGE and TIME FRAME to be displayed. Once submitted, your message will be sent to us for review. Requests are reviewed once a week, please allow us time to review and confirm your request. 

Personal messages should fall into one of these categories:

  • Birthday
  • Congratulations
  • Best Wishes
  • Good Luck
  • Great Job

Messages are limited to personal use only. Please no political or religious messages or business advertising. The Cherokee APT/Staff reserves the right to deny any messages deemed inappropriate or that do not meet requirements. Marquee will be limited to 5 public messages a day.

Approved messages will be created and scheduled in advance, and a confirmation will be sent to the requester.

If you have any questions regarding your message, please contact

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