Valentines Day BBQ

Valentines Day BBQ Lunch

Mark your calendars and please join us for a Valentines Day BBQ Lunch at Cherokee.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cherokee Café

Parents, siblings, grandparents and loved ones are invited to join in on the celebration. Below are the lunch times and menu options (cash or checks only).

                                                           Lunch                                          Recess

Pre-K                                               10:40-11:05                                    11:10-11:30

Fifth Grade                                       11:05-11:30                                    11:30-11:50

Third Grade                                      11:30-11:55                                    11:55-12:15

Fourth Grade                                    11:55-12:20                                    12:20-12:40

Kinder                                              12:20-12:45                                   12:45-01:05

First Grade                                        12:45-01:10                                   1:10-01:30

Second Grade                                    1:10-01:35                                    1:35-01:55


Choose a burger (beef or veggie), or all beef hot dog with the trimmings. Baked beans, fresh fruit, and baked chips will also be served. Beverage choice of milk or juice included. Costs are $2.60 per student, $4.00 per Sibling/Child and $4.00 per adult.

We also need volunteers for this event, if interested please sign up here:


If you have any questions please contact Debra Shams at

Thank you!