Cherokee Carline

The Cherokee construction project is moving along nicely, and you will see positive changes after Spring Break in our parking lots.

The biggest change will be the completed parking lot just East of where the current one is. Upon your return, the current parking lot, with the solar shade structures, will become the construction zone, and you will park in the new parking lot. There will be temporary designated ECC parking in different areas, and ECC parents will be encouraged to use the temporary parking spots but can also use any other unmarked spots that are available. Drop off and pick-up parking areas will both be the same.

For student drop-off, ECC families have been asked to drop off between 8:15 and 8:30.

Everyone else (K-5th) can drop off between 8:20 and 8:45. We ask that you do not drop off your unsupervised children before 8:20! This becomes our problem when we do not have staff on duty yet. If you come before 8:20, please sit in your vehicle and wait. Drop-off should be simple and logical. Simply pull forward as much as you can and drop your child off in the designated area as shown on the map below. Do not drop your child off in other areas and use only the designated drop-off area which begins after the 2nd crosswalk. The right lane will be a drop off lane, and the left lane will be a passing lane making it easier for you to exit. Students can only exit from the passenger side for safety.

If you need to park or choose to park, please walk your child to the main crosswalk in front of the school office, and we will take it from there. We do not want unsupervised students walking themselves in the parking lots.

For pick-up, all traffic must enter the facility from the South. No left turns into the facility! Pick-up begins at 3:10 for our K & 1st Grade Students and 3:15 for the 2nd-5th Graders.

ECC families have been given an earlier time so that they can pick-up and leave before the K-5 pick-up begins.

Pick-up will be similar to what it was in the past.

Pull forward, we will call your student, load them up and proceed to the exit. Right lane for drop-off and left lane for passing. Please leave the left lanes open so that people can access parking and can exit the property easier once they have their children. Window signs are required, appreciated and will speed up the process.

We will have lots of adults on duty for the first two days directing traffic, answering questions and looking for ways to
streamline and improve. Students walking home and riding the bus will not be affected. We ask that students use the
crosswalk if they need to cross over 56th street.

My advice to all is to be patient, be kind, expect the worst and hope for the best. No matter what we do, or do not do, I promise you will still leave the campus with your children.
The construction will continue from March 15 to March 31. At the completion of the project, the parking areas under the solar shade structures will be turned back over to us giving us a total of 254 parking spaces, and the on-site cuing and traffic flow will be improved and modified just a little. Stay tuned for an update at the end of March.
– Principal Walt Chantler