Cherokee PM Carline

We would like to try something completely different than we’ve tried in the past and it will only work if you, the parents and guardians, follow the procedures and not try to buck the system.

The new system will include a staggered dismissal for Kindergarten and 1st grade students and their older siblings. K-1 students will be available for pickup at 2:50PM. The new system will also have a new pick-up location for the Kinder and 1st Grade students. The new location will help us to keep them socially distanced and will make it easier to stagger the release. Students in grades 2-5 will also be released earlier and available for pickup at 3:05.

*ECC families will continue to pickup at 2:45
and will be able to be reunited with older siblings by approx. 2:50. We ask that you exit the campus as soon as you can to make dismissal run as smoothly as possible for all.

Here is how it will work:

All ECC Families will receive a bright pink window sign that identifies them as an ECC family. ECC families should arrive prior to 2:45 and park in the western end of the parking lot facing 56th street. Come on time please or you will get stuck in traffic and make dismissal run longer.

All Kinder and 1st Grade Families will receive a bright green window sign that identifies them as a K-1 Family and grants
them entrance to the facility at 2:50.

K-1 Families will enter the parking lot and use the left lane and pull up through the pickup lane to the new K-1 pick-up
spot near the caged solar plant. Do not arrive prior to 2:50 as we will be walking the children to the pick-up spot at that

Pick up your child and leave immediately! If there is an older sibling, the sibling should be there with your younger
child(ren). If the sibling is not present you will be asked to “take a lap” so that we can keep the car-line going.

2-5th grade families should be staged outside the school zone and can start to enter the campus at 3:05. Do not come earlier as your child will not be there yet and the duty teacher will not be there either. Grades 2-5 will pick-up in the normal area on the right hand side of the pickup lane. Pickup for 2-5th grade families will be the same as it is now but you will not be competing with the 210 families from the ECC and grades K&1 combined. We ask that all 2-5th grade families still display a student name placard, but don’t use pink or yellow.

Children who walk or ride bicycles will be released with their grade level and can proceed to the side-walks.

Bus riders in K-1 will be walked to the bus waiting area by a teacher and supervised until they are loaded onto the buses. Bus arrival time at the stops will not change.