Parking Lot Rules

Cherokee Parking Lot Safety Guidelines

Safety is our number one priority. In order to ensure the safety of Cherokee students we will be enforcing the following Car Line procedures. Parents, as members of the Cherokee Community we ask that you share in the responsibility of keeping our students safe, by learning our parking lot procedures and abiding by them.

  • Cell phone use is not permitted while driving in the parking lot. Focus on keeping students safe.
  • Use the crosswalks and set a safe example for all our students.
  • Students are not allowed in the parking lot without an adult.
  • DO NOT WAIT IN THE PARKING LOT FOR A SPACE. Circle around again or park on a side street.
  • When parking, walk your student safely to the crosswalk and/or meet them in front of the school.
  • Be prepared to park on side streets and walk to the school. The parking lot will not accommodate all families during pick-up and drop-off. Plan your time accordingly.
  • Wait in line on the sides of 56th Street, OUTSIDE OF THE SCHOOL ZONE, before Car line opens for pick-up.
  • Do not block 56th Street traffic before 3:15 PM so cars and buses can access the school.
  • Be patient. Do not enter the exit lanes and do not illegally pass cars in a school zone – it is a safety hazard.

Morning Drop-off  8:20 – 8:45 AM (Except for ECC students)

  • There are two lanes of moving traffic in Cherokee’s drop-off system. The far right lane is called the Car Line, and is used for Stop, Drop, and Roll in the front of the school. The left lane is a moving traffic lane that can be used to drive to the back of the school, or to exit the parking lot.
  • The back parking lot of the school will be available to parents of Early Childhood Center (ECC) students and their siblings only. Parking and walking your children into school are required in the back parking lot. There is no Stop, Drop, and Roll procedure in the ECC parking lot.
  • For the Car Line in the front of the school (K-5 students), students should be ready to exit the cars before entering the car line with backpacks packed, zipped, and ready to go.  This is a Stop, Drop and Roll
  • Pull forward all the way to the recycle bins, or as far as you can, before letting the students exit the car.
  • Students should exit the cars in waves, from the first car at the recycle bin, to the last car in line in the Car Line.  Do not wait until you are closer to the school.  This impedes the flow and slows the process.
  • Pedestrians will have time to cross while the Car Line is unloading.  As the unloaded cars exit, the pedestrians will be held back to keep the traffic flowing efficiently.

Afternoon Pick-up  3:15 – 3:30 PM (Except for ECC Students)

  • Create a placard with the student’s full name (BIG, BOLD, LEGIBLE letters) and place on dash.
  • If arriving before Car Line opens at 3:15 PM, wait in line on the sides of 56th Street, outside the school zone. Blocking of 56th is not permitted, so cars may enter the school to park, and buses may proceed to the bus lanes.
  • At 3:15 PM (1:00 PM on half days) a volunteer will open the Car Line and wave the cars forward to the end of the Loading Zone. The Loading Zone begins after the crosswalk and ends at the recycle bin.
  • Students may be picked up in the front of the school from the Loading Zone only. Students will be waiting for rides by grade level, in the shaded, grassy area past the sidewalk.
  • Students’ names will be called by a megaphone volunteer. After three attempts, if your student doesn’t arrive, you will be asked to leave the Loading Zone, circle around and reenter the queue, or you may park.
  • If you are picking up an ECC (Early Childhood Education) student (including siblings) in the back parking lot, you may enter the front parking lot at any time, and use the left moving lane to drive around to the back of the school. There is no Car Line in the ECC back parking lot. You must park and walk into the school to sign your child out. If no spot is available, you should exit the parking lot and park on the side streets. Please allow extra time for this possible scenario.
  • After 3:30 PM, supervision ends in front of school. For safety, we ask all students to wait in the office for their ride. If arriving after 3:30 PM, please park and pick-up your student in the office.


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