Art Masterpiece

What is Art Masterpiece?

The Art Masterpiece program is a parent volunteer program sponsored by our APT in conjunction with the District’s Arts in Education Council. The main goal is to open children’s eyes to the art that surrounds them through this nationally-respected arts enrichment program. An additional purpose of the program is to awaken an interest in art and to get the children to talk about particular pieces of art and share their ideas and feelings.

This is a hands-on experience and classroom participation is encouraged.

Art Masterpiece depends on volunteers to be successful and our goal is to insure that every classroom has presenters this year. It’s a minimum time commitment that produces maximum results. Cherokee kids love Art Masterpiece! We think you will, too.

Before you begin planning your art project, please contact your teacher to coordinate a date and time that will work with her class schedule.

Four presentations will be made in the classroom from November through March. Obtain 2 volunteers (or more) per classroom, Grades K- 5, enabling each person not to become overburdened.
Compile portfolios for each art project. Ensure that each portfolio that is assigned for presentation in the classroom has a packet of information about the artwork, the artist and related art activities.

Printable Guide

Topics by Grade

Kindergarten – Elements of Art

Focus on Color, Line, Shape, or Texture (stick to one element for each project)

Artists: Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, and Piet Mondrian


1st Grade – Great Masters

Focus on those “great” masters and what makes them special (why are they considered a “great”?)  Some students may have seen in these art works books, museums, and etc.…

Artists: Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, and Jason Pollock


2nd Grade – Art from Around the World

  • Focus on diversity that will increase students’ vocabulary on various styles, symbolism, and techniques found in global art.
  • Artists: Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Kehinde Wiley, Edgar Degas, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  • Art Pieces: Japanese armor, Chinese scrolls and pottery, and African Masks
  • Example:

3rd Grade – American/Arizona Artists

Focus on projects that help support the classroom curriculum by enhancing the visual arts of Arizona and American history.

Artists: Frank Lloyd Wright, Paolo Solari, Jasper Johns, and Norman Rockwell.

Art Pieces: Native American art – “Navajo weaving”


4th Grade – Art Classification

Focus on art that will enable students to fine tune their skills and vocabulary by creating portraits, still life, landscapes, and provide at least one opportunity for them to create 3-dimensional art (sculpture or mixed media).

Artists: Pablo Picasso, Annie Liebowitz, Ansel Adams, Johannes Vermeer, Henry Moore, and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.


5th Grade – Connecting Art and Curriculum

Working within the classroom curriculum (teachers will provide guidance), students will focus on more advanced themes in art: Tessellations, grid art, human body/form in art, and colonization.

Artists: Michelangelo, Yaakov Agam, M.C. Escher, Miles Van der Rowe, and Frank Lloyd Wright.


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