5th Grade

The following items are a student’s personal school supplies for home and school (not to be shared with other students):

1.	3-Ring Binder
2.	Index Dividers-for binder (The binder should be divided into six sections.)
*Label your dividers:  Reading, Language, Writing, Math, Social Studies, and 
3.	Notebook Paper (wide-ruled)
4.	2 Composition Notebooks (for Science)
5.	Writing Notebook (one subject, wide-ruled, about 70 pages) 
6.	No. 2 Pencils (NO mechanical pencils)
7.	Red Pens (for correcting)
8.	Highlighters (2 colors)
9.	Notecards (index cards)
10.	3 Glue Sticks 
11.	Markers/Colored Pencils (choose one)
12.	Scissors
13.	Ruler
14.	Headphones to use with Chromebook
15.	Zipper Supply Bag - Students will be carrying personal items back and forth to school each day.

The following items can be donated to the grade level as a whole and divided among the classrooms:

•	Box of Kleenex
•	Hand Sanitizer

*Please know that this list is simply a request of items that students will use in the classroom.  If a child is unable to bring in these supplies, the supplies that are necessary for success in the classroom will be provided to them.