Address to APT Members

To our fellow Cherokee APT Members:

We have loved seeing our school come to life over the last few weeks.  We have overcome many challenges in the past year, and we still have more to come. In order to provide full transparency within our community, we wanted to make you aware of some changes you will see related to our Cherokee APT Board.  The Board is committed to instilling trust from you, our members, in our mission of supporting our teachers, classrooms, and our community.  We have some great plans this year!

The Cherokee APT funds provide the following at our school:  

  • Teacher aides:  Every classroom, every student benefits from our teacher aides.  Our teachers really appreciate having the extra help, and it makes Cherokee the place that attracts THE VERY BEST TEACHERS!   We currently have ten teacher aides supporting all six grade levels and classrooms.
  • Reading and math specialists:  We are committed to ensuring our students have everything they need for success regardless of their academic level.  Because of this, we have three certified teacher reading and math specialists that are instrumental to our children, pulling kids out in small groups to give them the support they need.
  • Community building events:  We want to have a strong community, and in order to do that we want to get people involved.  We believe in-person events such as the upcoming Fall Social, Trunk or Treat, Spring Gala, and others are the best way to foster that community.  We also continue to think of ways to appreciate staff members and allow our families and community to enjoy our beautiful new school.
  • Instructional resources: Academic programs, teacher professional development support and classroom supply budgets.

The APT Board spends time each year reflecting on the bylaws and determining any necessary action related to those.  This year is no different; however, this year, we plan to make some significant changes:

APT Member Meetings:

First off, we are committed to transparency with our APT members (YOU!).  The Board will start having periodic open-attendance meetings throughout the year to keep our members informed about decisions and action items.  As a member, we ask for your active participation in these meetings and want you to have trust in our path.  We ask for flexibility and patience as the scheduling of these meetings will be determined by the rules set forth by the SUSD in regards to ongoing COVID mitigation strategies.

Nominating Committee:

We will create a nominating committee in accordance with our bylaws in the spring that will provide a slate for the APT Board going forward.  The nominating committee will be made up of Cherokee APT members.  This committee should be diverse and represent our broad parent population. 

Code of Conduct:

We are working to create a code of conduct for our Board that is modeled after other schools within the district.  Those that commit to serving on the Board will be held to the code of conduct.  These revisions are intended to promote community, ensure every voice is heard, as well as provide additional transparency.  

We also have some changes to report related to board members and positions.  Below, you will see the list of board members who will be in office for the remainder of the 2021/22 academic year. 

Kelly Shaughnessy – President

Lyndsay Mancini – Vice President & Director of Events

Valerie Pesch – Treasurer

Ashley Hsu – Secretary

Je t’aime Green – Director of Communications

Amy Shafer – Director of Classroom Parents

Rachel Loftin – Director of Facilities and Purchasing

Katherine Zamora – Co-Director of Fundraising

Charlotte Flynn – Co-Director of Fundraising

Florence Kaeslin – Director of School Relations

Thank you to our amazing group of parents and teachers that support our school.  We are confident in the continued success of our school and students!

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